About Business and Career University (BCU) - Dschang


Business and Career University (BCU)

Business and Career University (BCU) is a leading institution of higher education dedicated to preparing students for successful careers in a wide range of fields. With a strong focus on practical skills and industry relevance, BCU offers an exceptional learning environment designed to empower students and foster their professional growth.

Our Campus is located in Dschang, Cameroon.

At BCU, we understand the importance of a well-rounded education that combines academic rigor with real-world application. Our lecturers are experienced professionals and experts in their respective fields, ensuring that students receive the highest quality education and industry insights. They are passionate about sharing their knowledge and mentoring students to reach their full potential.

With a diverse range of faculties, BCU offers a comprehensive selection of programs to suit various interests and career aspirations. From the Medical and Biomedical Sciences faculty, providing programs in Nursing, Medical Laboratory Sciences, Medical Imagery, Midwifery, Physiotherapy, and Dental Therapy, to the Communication faculty, offering programs in Journalism, Advertising and Public Relations, Corporate Communication, and Media Photography and Audio-visual, BCU caters to a wide array of academic and professional interests.

Our commitment to excellence extends to other faculties such as Science of Education, Business and Finance, Computer Engineering, Agriculture and Food Sciences, Management, Legal Careers, and Environmental Sciences. Each faculty is designed to provide students with specialized knowledge, practical skills, and industry-specific training, preparing them for successful careers in their chosen fields.

BCU prides itself on providing a supportive and inclusive learning environment. Our state-of-the-art facilities, equipped with modern technology and resources, create an atmosphere conducive to innovation and collaboration. We believe in nurturing a vibrant community where students can engage with their peers, participate in extracurricular activities, and develop valuable networks that will benefit them throughout their careers.

Furthermore, BCU recognizes the importance of industry connections and partnerships. We actively collaborate with leading organizations and professionals to offer internships, experiential learning opportunities, and guest lectures, allowing students to gain practical experience and exposure to the realities of their chosen industries.

Whether you are a recent high school graduate or a working professional seeking to enhance your skills, BCU provides flexible programs to accommodate various educational backgrounds and schedules. Our Higher National Diploma (HND) programs offer a comprehensive curriculum that combines theoretical knowledge with hands-on practical training, ensuring that graduates are job-ready and well-equipped to excel in their chosen careers.

Unlock your potential with a world-class education that opens doors to unlimited job and business opportunities.

Mission Statement

BCU’s mission is to provide a transformative educational experience that empowers students with the knowledge, skills, and ethical values needed to succeed in their chosen careers. We are dedicated to fostering a dynamic learning environment that promotes academic excellence, practical skills development, and personal growth. Through rigorous academic programs, industry-relevant training, and a supportive community, we strive to prepare our students to become competent professionals, lifelong learners, and responsible global citizens.

Vision Statement

Our vision is to be a globally recognized institution of higher education renowned for producing graduates who are leaders in their fields. We aspire to be a hub of innovation, creativity, and academic excellence, where students are inspired to think critically, embrace diversity, and contribute meaningfully to society. By leveraging industry partnerships, advanced technologies, and a holistic approach to education, we aim to equip our students with the skills and mindset required to navigate the challenges and opportunities of the ever-changing global landscape.

We are Unique

 BCU prides itself from other universities through several key aspects:

Our Leadership Team

BCU is led by a visionary and experience team of academic experts, professional and entrepreneurial leaders who are creating real world impact.