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Welcome to Business and Career University - Dschang
We are a leading university focused on delivering exceptional training in various professional fields, preparing our students for success in the job market and entrepreneurship.
Business & Career University - BCU (53)
Programs that Guarantee a Great Future
We offer a wide range of programs including Medical and Biomedical Sciences, Business and Finance, Management, Communication, Computer Engineering, Legal Careers, Science of Education, Agriculture and Food Sciences, and Environmental Sciences.
Business & Career University - BCU (105)
We Create Professionals & Entrepreneurs
We provide a diverse range of professional programs, including two-year Higher National Diploma (HND) and three-year BSc and BTech programs, which are recognized and regulated by the Ministry of Higher Education.
Business & Career University - BCU (51)
We are Accredicted by MINESUP
Decree Number: 24-02609/L/MINESUP/SG/DDES/ESUP/SDA/AEO

We Produce Skilled, Job & Business Ready Graduates

At BCU, our mission is to empower students with transformative education, fostering academic excellence, practical skills, and ethical values. Our vision is to be a globally recognized institution, producing leading graduates who think critically, embrace diversity, and contribute meaningfully to society. We strive to equip ourselves with the necessary skills and knowledge to navigate the changing global landscape.

Why BCU?

Skilled Staff

Our experienced staff from academia and industry utilize ICT to provide quality teaching and learning, emphasizing holistic training for job creation and enhanced employability.


We offer personalized interactions with entrepreneurs, industrial placements, and on-campus career orientation counseling, providing students with the guidance and mentorship they need to grow.


In partnership with foreign universities, we offer national and international programs. To enhance the classroom experience, we organize monthly workshops with industry experts from diverse fields.

Daily Experience at BCU

Our Faculties & Programs

Education 2


Science of Education
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Medical and Biomedical Sciences
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Legal Careers
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Environmental Sciences


Computer Engineering
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Business and Finance
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Agriculture and Food Sciences

Unlock your potential with a world-class education that opens doors to unlimited job and business opportunities.


What Our Students are Saying

I can confidently say that the institution’s transformative educational experience and strong industry connections are unmatched. BCU is the perfect launchpad for a thriving career.

Kekamiah James

Business and Carer University (BCU) is an exceptional institution! Its industry-aligned programs and experiential learning provide students with the perfect foundation for a successful career.

Mary Epiehe

If you’re looking for a university that truly prepares you for success, look no further than Business and Carer University (BCU). Its practical skills focus, industry connections, and emphasis on entrepreneurship set it apart from the rest. BCU is the ultimate choice for aspiring professionals.

Leihafa Yannick

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